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ISO Stainless Exports Steel Banding Products Around the Globe In “E” Award Winning Style

It Straps On, Inc.® (ISO) is a U.S. manufacturer of stainless steel banding, buckles, wing seals and sign brackets located in Covington, Louisiana. To all outward appearances, we’re just another stainless steel banding manufacturer, but appearances can be deceiving. ISO has experienced some remarkable success on the local, regional, national and international levels, and we are now helping to build and maintain infrastructure around the world.

Banding Products – Securing the World

ISO manufactures stainless steel banding products. Stainless steel banding products aren’t particularly large – bands and straps are generally less than two inches in width and weigh very little per linear foot. However, don’t let that small size fool you. Stainless steel banding and strapping hold the world together. They’re perhaps one of the most important yet unrecognized product categories in the world.


Stainless steel banding products are used in an incredible range of applications. They’re responsible for holding stop signs and traffic lights in place. They’re also used in the HVAC industry, in telecommunications, in utilities (gas, water, electricity) and in the petrochemical and food service industries as well. It’s difficult to pinpoint another product type that is at once so small, yet so integral to day-to-day life.

Stainless steel banding products (straps and bands) are used everywhere, as well. You’ll find them hard at work securing signs and loads in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. You’ll also find them in use in the developing nations of Latin America. As such, there’s an incredible demand for quality and reliability, which is one of the reasons that It Straps On, Inc.® has seen such success.  ISO currently offers products for sale in more than 30 countries from its Covington, Louisiana headquarters and is continuing to increase that number every year.

It Straps On, Inc.® got its start back in 1994 and has been recognized for excellence in exporting several times. One of the most significant awards the company was presented came in 2010 when they were given the 2010 MEPOL Entrepreneurship Award. According to MEPOL Director Corinne Dupuy, “ISO was chosen for the award for several reasons, including improved production line efficiency, substantial current international offerings, growing international exports, an “E” Award and a commitment to helping other local businesses sell internationally.”