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Shipping Information

Our shipping policy means you get your product on time!

banding-inventoryOne thing that we’ve noticed that is important to customers (in any industry) is getting the product you ordered quickly.  After all, once we order something, we want it right, so why should we have to wait?

So what goes into having a good policy for shipping?  The first element is having well trained customer service representatives that know what the expected ship times are, and give honest answers to each customer about when they can expect their product.  The 2nd factor is inventory – simply put you can’t ship it if you don’t have it.

For some reason, in the stainless steel banding business, many companies expect you to wait for your products.  This is usually due to not having inventory in stock or having poor customer services.  But not at It Straps On, Inc.®!


Why does ISO ship so well?

Getting your product shipped quickly is a high priority at ISO Stainless.  A few of the reasons include:

  • Because when we order products, we want them yesterday too!
  • We ship same day (or worst case next day) for most orders
  • We are manufacturers and make our product in house (no waiting for orders to get filled)
  • Keep a large inventory of stainless steel banding, tools, buckles, etc.

What you see here are “master coils” of slit stainless band/strap that are converted into 100’ or 200’ coils.  We also have a huge inventory of  100 and 200’ coils already in boxes, ready to ship on a moment’s notice.

Whether you order just one coil or 4,000 coils, we will ship it right away.  We maintain this huge inventory of stainless steel so that you, the customer, get your product when YOU need it instead of when WE can get it.

ISO manufactures everything in the United States from steel manufactured in the United States and we maintain the highest quality standards possible.

What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg.  “No one can ship from an empty wagon.” We believe this and we live it.