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Stainless Steel Buckles for Banding / Strapping

Stainless steel buckles are used in situations where heavy duty fastening is needed for banding or strapping. They are particularly heavily used in situations where single strands of banding need to be fastened.

It Straps On, Inc.® produces a wide variety of stainless steel buckles that can suit every need. Combined with our high quality stainless steel band, stainless steel buckles can produce a very durable fastening that will ensure that items are tied down as needed.

Common Uses for Stainless Steel Buckles

In situations where single strands of steel banding are fastened together, stainless steel buckles are usually the fasteners of choice. They are easy to install and are strong enough for very heavy-duty applications and high-tension uses.

Choose from 201 and 316 Alloys

Stainless steel buckles will generally match the alloy used in the banding they fasten. There are three types available, each of which has its appropriate uses.

201 stainless steel is used in environments that present normal environmental hazards. These include outdoor installations, such as sign posts and other common uses. It is the strongest of all stainless steels offered and is also the least expensive available.

316 stainless steel has the highest corrosion resistance of all. This stainless steel is usually between 30 and 40% more expensive than 201 stainless.

Our Stainless Steel Buckle Photo Gallery:

Regular Buckle (click on any image for a larger view)




Screw Buckle (click on any image for a larger view)





We Have What You Need at It Straps On, Inc.®

It Straps On, Inc.® makes a variety of stainless steel buckles for stainless steel banding / strapping which come in sizes ranging from ¼” to 1 ¼”. We can work with custom orders, in addition to our ready-made products we sell from our Covington, Louisiana facility.

Feel free to contact us regarding ordering stainless steel buckles or any other product, already manufactured or custom made.