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Stainless Steel Wing Seals

Stainless steel wings seals are small pieces of hardware that have big jobs within many industrial and municipal settings. They are used for light gauge banding to make sure whatever they strap down is securely fastened quickly and easily by standard banding tools. These mighty little wing seals are manufactured from high quality, U.S. made stainless steel including:


And while these seals are specifically designed for light duty use, they come with the many advantages of using stainless steel including:

  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • High breaking strength (varies with the type of alloy chosen)
  • Flexibility for use in different applications



How Wing Seals Work

In order to secure and tighten stainless steel banding, the ends of the steel band are wrapped around and into a buckle before tightening the straps. The “ears” are hammered down and that secures the band. Wing Seals are used exactly like buckles but normally with lighter gauge (thickness) band.

As a versatile and necessary item to a huge range of businesses and personal sectors, seal fittings are used in a variety of places. For example:

  • Street Signs: In construction, workers use these wing seals to secure signs and stop lights to poles so that intersections are safe and clearly marked.
  • Oilfield: Workers on an oil rig rely on secure tubing and pipes within the drilling platforms as well as managing toxic waste. In these cases, a secure wing seal is essential to the wellness of humans.

Limitations of Wing Seals

Typically, wing seals are specifically designed for use with ISO Lite Gauge Band. So while they are corrosion resistant and have the strength of stainless steel, their use should be limited to light duty applications. However, they are easy to install as they are easily closed with a hammer on any surface and in any position, making them the fastening choice for unusual contours.